HDPE gas pipe

Short Description:

Product name:HDPE gas pipe


Color:Black and yellow or customized

Connection:Adhesive joint,Rubber ring joint,flanged joint

Working Temperature:-20℃<T<40℃

Length :4,6,12m

Packing:Nude,Polythene bag packing or your request

Standard:GB,ASTM ,BS , DIN, ISO, AS/NS

Service life:More than 50years


PortQingdao port,China

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Standard size than SDR17.6 φ20 ~ φ630 0.2MPa

Standard size than the SDR11 φ20 ~ φ630 0.4MPa

What is the maximum allowable working pressure of the two series?

In the case of 20 ℃, SDR11 series maximum allowable working pressure is 0.4MPa, SDR17.6 series maximum allowable working pressure is 0.2MPa.

Product Feature

1) high strength, good resistance to stress cracking performance, good creep resistance;

2) toughness, flexibility, and the uneven foundation of the ability to adapt to dislocation, can withstand earthquakes and typhoons and other harsh environments;

3) has good weather resistance (including UV) and long-term thermal stability;

4) corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for conveying natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas;

5) smooth inner wall, large circulation capacity, gas flow rate can reach 20m / s, saving operating costs;

6) good wear resistance, wear resistance;

7) low-temperature impact resistance, and can be -20-40 degrees in the temperature range of safe use, winter construction is not affected;

8) hot melt (or fused) connection convenient and reliable, construction and maintenance is simple (during which can not stop gas);

9) fully suitable for traditional excavation construction methods and pipe jacking, directional drilling, liner, pipe cracking, submerged underwater and other new trenchless technology;

10) polyethylene raw materials contain only carbon and hydrogen two elements, environmentally friendly, green.

Product Aplication

●Natural gas pipeline transportation

●gas pipeline transportation

●liquefied gas pipeline

●biogas pipeline and other pipeline transportation

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