HDPE power cable protection pipe

Short Description:

Product name:HDPE pipe-jacking


Color:Black,blue,orange or customized

Connection:Adhesive joint,Rubber ring joint,flanged joint

Working Temperature:-20℃<T<40℃


Packing:Nude,Polythene bag packing or your request

Standard:GB,ASTM ,BS , DIN, ISO, AS/NS

Service life:More than 50years


Port:Qingdao port,China

Product Detail

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Product Feature:

1. Excellent physical properties are produced with high-quality polyethylene.It has good rigidity, strength and flexibility.Good for piping installation.

2. Corrosion resistance and long service life.In coastal areas, the water table is high and the soil moisture is high.Use metal or other pipeline must be anticorrosive, and the life is only 30 years in general, resistant to PE pipe can be resistant to a variety of chemical media, not affected by soil corrosion.

3. PE pipe with good toughness and deflection is a kind of high toughness pipe, and its elongation at break exceeds 500%.It is very adaptable to uneven ground settlement and dislocation of foundation.Good earthquake resistance.Small diameter pipe can be bent at will.

Smooth pipe wall, small friction coefficient, easy cable penetration, high construction efficiency.

5. Good electrical insulation performance, long service life (buried pipe life of more than 50 years), durable, safe and reliable line operation.

6. Light weight, maintenance, installation and construction, easy maintenance, easy transportation and operation.

7. Small diameter pipe can be in the form of coils, with long section, few joints and easy installation.

8. Pipes can be made into various colors to distinguish them.

9. The low temperature embrittlement temperature of PE with excellent low temperature impact resistance is extremely low, and it can be used safely within the range of -20 — 40.Winter construction, due to good impact of the material, will not occur pipe brittle crack.

10. Compared with other metal pipes, PE pipes have better wear resistance.Wear resistance is four times that of metal pipes.

11. Various brand-new construction methods.PE pipe in addition to the traditional excavation method for construction, but also can use a variety of new trenchless technology, such as pipe jacking, liner, crack pipe construction, such as this is not allowed to excavate the site, is the only choice.

Product Aplication

Widely used in urban road construction, community development, landscape architecture, enterprise construction and other places, as power, street lights, lawn lights, courtyard lights, intelligent residential area, cable television, communication, intelligent traffic and other cable sheath.

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