MPP power cable protection pipe

Short Description:

Basic Information:

Product name:MPP power cable protection pipe


Color:Gray,white or customized

Connection:Hot melt connection

Working Temperature:-5℃<T<70℃

Working Voltage:More than 100000V


Packing:Nude,Polythene bag packing or your request

Standard:GB,ASTM ,BS , DIN, ISO, AS/NS

Service life:More than 50years


Port:Qingdao port,China

Product Detail

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The commonly used specifications of pipes are 110mm ~ medium 250mm in diameter, divided into ordinary type and reinforced type.General type is suitable for excavation and laying construction and trenchless construction through the buried depth of less than 4M engineering;The enhanced type is suitable for trenchless crossing construction buried deeper than 4M.

Product Feature

1.MPP pipe has excellent electrical insulation.

2.MPP pipe has high thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance.

3.The tensile and compressive properties of MPP tube are higher than HDPE.

4.MPP pipe light, smooth, friction force small, hot welding butt.

5.MPP pipe use for a long time a 5 ~ 70 ℃ temperature.

Product Aplication

●Can be widely used in municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heat and other pipeline projects.

●Urban and rural trenchless horizontal directional drilling power drainage project, and open-cut power drainage project.

●Urban and rural trenchless horizontal directional drilling sewage drainage project.Industrial wastewater discharge project.

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