PPR water pipe hot melt technique

1, before the construction, we need to carefully check each water pipe, see whether there is a rupture at both ends of the phenomenon such as damage.If there is rupture damage, then we should cut it slightly during the installation, so as to facilitate the subsequent smooth installation.But it should be noted that when we cut, we can not use a hammer or weight to hit the water pipe, to prevent the pipe burst phenomenon, so as not to shorten its service life.

2, we also need to master certain skills in cutting, so as to ensure that its section is flat.The PPR pipe to be cut needs to make the end face perpendicular to the pipe axis. Special pipe scissors should be used for pipe cutting. Then we need to fix the welding device well and place it on the rack.

3. When connecting the power supply, we should ensure that the machine has entered the working state (the green indicator light is on, and the red indicator light is off). At this time, the welding device enters the automatic control state, and we can proceed to the next step.It should be noted that when the hot melt is in the state of automatic temperature control, the red light and green light will be automatically lit alternately, which indicates that the welding device is in a controlled state and does not affect the operation.

4. When welding, we need to put pipes and fittings into the machine at the same time, and operate according to relevant operating standards.When the heating time is reached, we should immediately remove the pipe and pipe fitting from the die head at the same time, quickly and evenly inserted into the required depth in a straight line without rotation, so that the joint formed a uniform flange, and to control the inserted rebound.

Post time: Dec-28-2018
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