How to identify the quality of PVC pipe?


1. Measure the wall thickness: see if the specified wall thickness is reached. It should also be noted that some pipes are vacuum pipes, both ends of which meet the requirements, but the middle wall thickness is relatively thin, which does not meet the requirements.

2, the length of quantity: to see if the specified length is reached, some manufacturers rely on shortening the length to reduce the price.According to GB/ t10002.1-2006, no negative deviation is allowed.

B. look at:

1, to see the gloss: good surface gloss looks oily very large quality products.

2. Look at the color: the standard high-quality pvc-u pipe is light beige. If the pipe is pale, it means that the calcium powder is added in excess.

C. weigh in hand:

Weight: compare the weight of two pipes with the same caliber, wall thickness and length. Add too much calcium powder and impurities, and the material is not pure enough to meet the requirements.


Conditional can use stamped on the tube side, to see if it can be easily tread down, with PVC pipe fell to the ground, if the broken tube is a “high calcium”, some manufacturers in order to save costs and increase profits, the pipe joined the excess calcium powder production, the pipe price is cheap, but its hardness is decreased a lot, fragile, as nonconforming product.High quality PVC pipe with foot kick or even car rolling only flat will not crack more will not break, inferior PVC pipe with foot kick can be broken.

E.the test:

1. Inspection and test report: the inspection report of the pipe and the test report of its health indicators should be obtained, which is the best looking original.

2. Technical indicators (according to GB/ t10002.1-2006);

3. Vica softening temperature 80;

4. Longitudinal shrinkage rate 5%;

5. No change in the impregnated surface;

6. Drop hammer impact test (0) TIR 5 hours;

7. Hydraulic test was carried out in a 20-degree environment, the ring stress was 36MPa/38Mpa, and there was no rupture or leakage after 1 hour.

Through the above method, you can choose and buy qualified PVC pipes.


Post time: Dec-27-2018
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