PVC-C power cable pipe

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Product name:PVC-C power cable protection pipe


Color:Orange or customized

Connection:Adhesive joint,Rubber ring joint

Working Temperature:-5℃<T<70℃


Packing:Nude,Polythene bag packing or your request

Standard:GB,ASTM ,BS , DIN, ISO, AS/NS

Service life:More than 50years


Port:Qingdao port,China

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1. Material characteristics

Pvc-c power pipe is mainly made of pvc-c resin with excellent heat resistance and insulation performance. Pvc-c products are currently recognized as green environmental protection products

2. Heat resistance

PVC – C power tube than ordinary UPVC double-wall corrugated pipe heat resistant temperature of 15 ℃

3. Insulation performance

Pvc-c power pipes can withstand high voltage above 30,000 volts.

4. Compression resistance

Pvc-c power pipe is modified by material, and the ring stiffness of the product reaches 1Okpa

5. High impact resistance

6. Good flame retardant performance

7. Installation performance

Pvc-c power pipe has light weight, high strength and simple construction and laying method

8. Long service life

PVC-C power pipe material corrosion resistance, anti – aging, service life can be more than 50 years.


1.Widely used in urban power grid construction and transformation

2.Urban reconstruction project

3.Civil aviation airport construction;

4.Engineering campus

5.Community project construction

6.Traffic, road and bridge construction urban streetlight cable laying, and play a guiding and protection role.

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